♦ Current Horses


clayClay has been with MANE & TAILL for three years now thanks to the generosity of his previous owner who leased him to the program for two years before allowing MANE & TAILL to purchase him. Clay is often compared to a puppy dog for his sweet, in-your-face personality. He has child like spirit that makes him fun, while his patience and tolerance allow him to take great care of his very special passengers.


Cowboy made his way into the program when Red was retired from the program. He would make sure we noticed him each time their were program activities going on or the kids were in the pasture. Cowboy has earned his place as a star in the program by taking care of his timid passengers and going slow and easy to meet their needs. Cowboy recently traveled to Raleigh to carry three athletes in earning medals and ribbons at the North Carolina Special Olympics Equestrian Games. Kim, our wonderful equine caretaker, saw Cowboy’s potential and donated him to the program over a year ago.

Minnie Pearl

minniepearldirtyMinnie Pearl is MANE & TAILL’s first purchased therapy horse thanks to the kind generosity of North Carolina Monarch Behavioral Health. Minnie is kind and sweet, and adores the children and people with special needs that she teaches. She is extremely smart and strong willed, which can make her difficult for typical people, but her empathy and understanding for the individual needs of the participants makes her worth the extra effort.


poneponePonePone is Ty and Carver’s pony, and although she is not officially a MANE & TAILL pony, she is always willing to do her part when it comes to supporting the program. She is sweet and adores children, and a very willing lead line pony. Although her spirit makes her a little too quick for her to be used for all jobs in the program, she is certainly a wonderful teacher for children and adults with special needs learning to horsemanship, and for our very small equestrians to begin their riding experience.


♦ Retired Horses


midnightMidnight was meant to have the honorable job of being a therapeutic horse. He is kind beyond words and already had a reputation for taking care of anyone who rode him, especially new riders. When the students from First Flight High School began coming out to the farm, it was Midnight who acted as the one and only therapy horse. Allowing them to learn horsemanship and meeting their needs with his enormous heart. Midnight chose to retire as a therapy horse over a year ago, and now lives a very happy life on the farm as one of the leaders of the herd. He enjoys the good life thanks to his loving owner and our caretaker, Kim Petit.


redRed began working with Midnight, when a slow, steady horse that could carry the heavier, more unbalanced riders was needed for the program. He was instructor, Sam’s, personal horse for many years, after a difficult life as an ex racehorse where he was passed from owner to owner. Sam enjoyed riding Red herself for many years, but when her second child was born, she lacked the time to ride him. He always enjoyed taking it easy and going slow, so the role as a therapy horse for the timid, nervous riders made sense for him. Red was retired from the program the summer of 2011, when his age caught up with him. At first he was not happy with retirement and missed his job, but he got used to the good life. He remained on the farm enjoying retirement and good care thanks to Sam and Kim, until he passed away in June of 2013. There kids that remember Red the best will quote, “He was too big, he was too red!”